Learn on the Go with Dr. Rick Brinkman Audio Seminars and Audiobooks

Turn Your Downtime into Learning Time

Perfect for people with busy lifestyles, the audio seminars and audiobooks offered by Dr. Rick Brinkman let you turn downtime into learning time. Deepen your understanding of Conscious Communication® in the car, at the gym … even while walking the dog or doing the dishes.

Conscious Communication®: Bringing Out the Best in People at Their Worst
This exciting live recording of a full day seminar on 4-CDs or download takes you on a deeper exploration of the concepts and techniques delivered in the international best-selling book.  Digitally recorded at a  seminar taught by Dr. Brinkman, this popular audio program gives you front-row seat to his high-energy, entertaining teachings about the 10 most difficult people you’ll encounter … and how to properly deal with their challenging behaviors.

Life by Design: Making Lifestyle Choices that Contribute to Better Physical and Emotional Health
This information-packed audio program and accompanying workbook teach you how to consciously your life in a way that promotes optimum physical, emotional, and mental well-being – regardless of what fate hands you.

Difficult customers can make your life miserable and are a chief contributor to customer service employee burnout. Discover the secrets to easily coping with even the most challenging customers and how to give masterful customer service over the phone.

Dealing With People You Can’t Stand: How to Bring Out the Best in People at Their Worst Audiobook read by the authors
The audiobook as read by the authors version of the international bestseller published in 20 languages, this classic book delivers a detailed look at the proven strategies and easy-to-use action steps to cope with the difficult people in your life.

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