Dr. Brinkman’s dynamic, high energy and humorous presentation kept us interested and eager to learn more. We are very particular about the quality of presenters we bring into the company. They have to be top notch. Dr. Brinkman hit a home run!
— John Sigg, Manager of Training, Federated Investors

Soft Skill Development, Dr. Rick Brinkman

CONSCIOUS COMMUNICATION: How to Bring out the Best in People and Yourself!

Dr. Rick is "the" Soft Skills Expert with 6 books published by McGraw-Hill that have been translated into over 25 languages and are used in many college MBA programs. The Conscious Communication soft skills Dr. Brinkman teaches cross all industries, educational levels and cultures as evidenced by his bestselling books. Conscious Communication® is based on the belief that good soft skills are the foundation of relationships and the lifeblood of effective leadership, teamwork, and organizational performance. In general, people's leadership and organizational effectiveness are a result of their ability to communicate. 


To customize the content to your people’s unique needs, my preparation phase includes phone interviews with people who are organizing the event as well as some who will be in attendance. These interviews allow me to understand the specific communication challenges, relationships and contexts attendees face, so that I may adapt the content to meet the event’s learning objectives and theme.

Communication can be applied in many directions, as exemplified below;

In leadership, a leader's of effectiveness will be proportional to his or her ability to communicate. He/she needs to be a good example of communication, orchestrate effective meetings, resolve differing points of view, get people with a different personality types to work together, the list goes on and on.

In customer service the ability to communicate is what makes the service experience. In one study of why a company loses a customer, the highest category was "68% did not feel cared about." Being consciously aware of the little things that count big to the customer and being conscious of how your customer perceives your communication is critical. Conscious Communicators have the timing and skills to transform an upset customer, soothe the emotions and ultimately lead to solutions, finishing with a delighted and loyal customer. It all comes down to communication.

As a leader, inspiring teams to give great service both externally and internally is a function of communication.

A power utility had me go out all day with a line crew, sit in a call center office and attend a safety meeting. Out of that Conscious Communication for Safety was born.  How do you get the idea of safety to stick consciously in people's mind as they go about their daily business? Conscious Communication is the answer.


Even in time management and personal effectiveness conscious communication is critical. How do you deal with and prevent the misunderstandings that so often occur in e-mail? The Conscious Communicator knows how to use email and when to bail on email and go interactive. Dealing with interruptions by politely bringing them to a close, dealing with people who make commitments and don't keep them or who waffle between decisions, is also a job conscious communication.


Meetings are a fact of life. A Wall Street Journal survey found "98% of people agreeing that half their time in meetings is wasted." My application of Conscious Communication to meetings gave birth to the Meeting Magic™ process that focuses the group, eliminates conflict, integrates differing points of view, gets everyone to participate equally and ultimately shortens meeting time while getting more done at higher quality. 

Soft skills development training.

Soft skills development training.

And of course Conscious Communication is the secret to transforming and preventing the top ten difficult behaviors of; Tank attacks, Grenade tantrums, Sniping, Know-it-alls & Think-they-know-it-alls, Whining, Negativity, and Yes, Maybe, & Nothing people.

Conscious Communication can be applied and transform your specific situation too.

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Special learning packages (books, CDs, desk references) are available for your attendees and a book signing/Meet the Author can be arranged.