I have already experimented with one of your exercises! Guess what? IT WORKED!
— McDonnell Douglas, Dan Dawson, Manager National Accounts


The following powerful programs are ideal as a keynote, half-day session/breakout or a full-day session.


Communication Skills for Supervisors

When people move into management positions, where interpersonal soft skills are crucial in order for them to effectively supervise and lead teams of their own. New managers moving up from former front-line positions often require entirely new skill sets in order to effectively motivate teams, manage workloads, headship group meetings and evaluate and interact effectively with those they are supervising in their new roles. 

This program is designed to teach new managers how to:

  • Diplomatically evaluate and communicate job performance
  • Quickly get others ‘on board’ with new team initiatives
  • Help team members with different personality types to work harmoniously together
  • Implement effective time management tools for heavy workloads
  • Promote team engagement and troubleshoot problem areas in the workplace
  • Neutralize group behaviors like whining, negativity and sniping and prevent them from occurring
  • Avoid the stress response from team members when introducing change
  • Utilize essential listening skills prior to responding in heated situations
  • Develop effective speaking techniques for meetings and public events
  • Utilize Conscious Communication® to structure meetings for maximum participation and focus
  • Run meetings so that everyone contributes and maintains a focus on outcomes.
  • Know how to motivate people differently according to their personality style.

This program is available in a 90-minute keynote, half-day program or full day format and is customized to client industry and audience size.  Dr. Rick also has a meeting management program for new supervisors that can expand the scope of this program.


Dr. Rick Brinkman you rock. That was a very enjoyable and beneficial training course, highly recommended for anyone. Our people loved your humor and enthusiasm and we look forward to having you back.“

"You were terrific, sensational, dramatic, funny, entertaining, thought provoking, educational, spectacular and the hit of the program. Our people loved you and as a meeting planner I loved that.“

How to Meet Less and Do More

There is a great mystery that cries out to be solved: why are most meetings unproductive and what can we do to change them? According to a Wall St. Journal survey, 98% of people agreed that 50% of their time in business meetings is wasted. Over the last twenty years, Dr. Brinkman has developed and trained organizations how to have great meetings that are shorter, more effective and more enjoyable!

Leadership and organizational effectiveness training.

Leadership and organizational effectiveness training.

Designed for leaders, trainers and supervisors, this program teaches how to properly facilitate a productive meeting platform that not only puts an end to wasted time, but directs and engages team members to create a positive discussion environment where everyone works together for the greater good.  Dr. Rick is also available to facilitate important board meetings and high-level brainstorming sessions using the effective principles taught from his latest book, Dealing with Meetings You Can’t Stand.

This program teaches leaders:

•        Communication techniques that bypass conflict & create an environment where all members listen & are heard

•        Skills to control the domination of aggressive members and encourage participation of passive members

•        A platform style that allows new ideas to evolve in a group process, instead of just being shot down

•        A decision making model that appropriately integrates all members’ opinions

•        An agenda that shortens meetings while getting more accomplished

This program is ideal as a half-day session/breakout or a full-day that precedes the actual meeting.

Dr. Brinkman is also prepared to integrate these practices into your meeting as an additional service offering. Meeting members receive free course materials and can purchase the Dealing with Meetings You Can’t Stand book and other tools to help them apply what they’ve learned in their meetings.

Here's What People Are Saying

“I want to share with you the enthusiasm our executive officers have expressed to me since we incorporated what we learned from your Meeting Magic program. When I first experienced your program I was President of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. The AANP used Meeting Magic to organize our efforts after a major transition left that group in need of easy, functional structure. 


Now I am Executive Director of our state association, the MANP, and your seminar lives on in the elegance with which we get our work done, inclusively and collaboratively. Thank you for making it both effective and fun to work together in a meaningful way.” - EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, MANP


In times of rapid change and the need to do more with less, leaders must create an inspiring environment, enable others to act independently, offer useful feedback, create an attitude of continuous improvement, and rally people around greater visions and goals. With Dr. Rick’s leadership and organizational effectiveness programs, leaders are empowered to be great communicators and bring out the best in their teams.

Designed for leaders, this program provides the foundation for how to inspire teamwork and performance. Through key conscious communication strategies, leaders will have the tools to create an environment where everyone works together for the greater good.

  • Skills to influence and inspire people
  • Techniques to improve overall morale and performance 
  • Strategies to neutralize conflicts and difficult behaviors like whining and negativity
  • Creating a vision to unite people around a common purpose
  • How to give feedback in a way people can receive that result in changes to their behavior

Conscious Communication for Leaders is based on Dr. Rick's years of research as a trainer for Fortune 500 companies, the Tom Peters Group and the Institute for Management Studies.

This is a powerful stand-alone program ideal as a 90- minute keynote, half or full day program and is able to deliver even more success when coupled with other popular programs that Dr. Brinkman offers.

“Our leaders loved your program and feel empowered with skills to inspire and motivate their teams.”
Stacy Welciek 3M

“Your presentation was the highlight of the meeting. Our interactions have been much more effective"
C. Vaughn Estee Lauder

Thanks Dr. Rick for a great 2016 program. Here are some comments:

 "Enjoyed his enthusiastic speaking style and concepts on people's behaviors in the work place. I feel it was excellent information to apply to our daily work environment. Dealing with people that are different from us can be challenging and his principles on how to deal with these differences really made sense. I would enjoy listening to this speaker again in the future.“ - 

"Super energetic speaker, great sense of humor.“ -

"Very interesting and thoughtful with great ideas to bring back to the office.“ - 

"I really enjoyed Dr. Brinkman's presentation. He also could have been given more time for his presentation.“ -


Published by McGraw-Hill and in three languages.

Published by McGraw-Hill and in three languages.

Designed for leaders of customer service teams, this program provides the foundation for how to inspire and deliver service excellence. Through key strategies, your team’s service vision will support an environment where everyone creates new ways to delight customers. Twenty years of Dr. Brinkman’s research has resulted in the discovery of 10 traits of all great service organizations.

Dr. Brinkman’s program ensures that everyone on your management team knows how to use these communication secrets to inspire and deliver great customer service with both the external and internal customer.

This program teaches leaders:

  • Why customers stop doing business with you and how to avoid it
  • Strategies to turn an upset customer into your most loyal customer
  • Magic Words, guaranteed to make your customers happy
  • Ways to continuously delight your customers
  • Applying service principles to internal customers

This is a powerful stand-alone program ideal as a 90 minute keynote, half or full day program and is able to deliver even more success when coupled with other popular programs that Dr. Brinkman offers.

"Our staff loved the seminar! We were amazed by how you made the learning process enjoyable.  Our people are still talking about it! It touched our lives." 
Vince Nolletti, CEO, Buckner

"Our management and sales staff have given me nothing but positive feedback about your program.  Everyone told me they even gladly gave up their Saturday." 
Carl Hansen, Director of Corporate Development, Crystal Cream and Butter

“Our reps enjoyed your practical and energetic style. All our people are now on the same page with service.”
Maria Gomes Payless Drugs


This powerful program is ideal as a keynote, half-day session/breakout or a full-day session.