Your humor-laced hight impact display of how work and attitude are tied together by communication and organization skills, is a real key to on-and-off the job fulfillment.
— Dept. of Energy, Howard Schumacher, OSHA Manager


Dr. Rick Brinkman's bestselling books on communication and meeting management have been translated into 25 languages. The messages and skills are universal and relevant to all industries!

Conscious Communication to Inspire Safety

Increase Productivity and Employee Engagement

You know the importance of safety, but how do you and your safety personnel communicate that to those on the front line who come face-to-face with safety issues every day?

Dr. Brinkman will show you how to communicate in a way that makes your safety message stick. With his entertaining, stand-up comedy style, Dr. Rick Brinkman demonstrates compelling communication techniques that will engage your teams, uptick performance, and provide a safer work environment for employees. People in the audience are amazed by the level of communication power they are capable of, and Dr. Brinkman helps them apply it to influencing safety in the workplace. 

Dr. Brinkman’s compelling safety tactics include:

  • Anchors are associations: How to purposely make compelling communication anchors to your safety message.
  • Understanding: Why do people act like they do?  Why does one person throw a tantrum and another become quiet and withdraw?  Who are you and who are your teammates?
  • Good Communication Skills: Recognize the basic skills that you use unconsciously when you get along with people & learn how to use them on purpose to prevent red zone behaviors and increase teamwork.
  • How to discuss, disagree and still maintain team unity.
  • Meeting strategies to avoid conflict, make sure everyone contributes for both face to face and conference call meetings.
  • The Cure for Sniping, Whining and Negativity

This program is aimed at safety coordinators, supervisors, volunteers, and professionals. A powerful, entertaining program, audiences love the keynote version combined with a break-out session. Equally popular is the full day training for entire teams, departments and organizations.

“Thank you for participating in our health and safety day. Your presentation was the highlight of the day.“
Michael Bloomfield, Astronaut, ASTRONAUT CORPS NASA

Meeting Management for Safety Professionals

Process Strategies to Save Time & Cut Losses

There is a great mystery that cries out to be solved: why are most meetings unproductive and what can we do to change them?  According to a Wall St. Journal survey, 98% of people agreed that 50% of their time in business meetings is wasted. When it comes to safety, effective communication and meeting efficiency are more important than ever as companies are dealing with injuries and the potential for lives lost in addition to mere financial and productivity losses.

Over the last twenty years, author and communications expert, Dr. Brinkman has developed and trained organizations how to have great meetings that are shorter, more effective and more enjoyable! 

 Meeting Jet for Safety Professionals Delivers: 

  • Communication techniques that bypass conflict & create an environment where all members listen & are heard
  • Persuasive hypnotic communication patterns that make the message of safety turn into safe behaviors
  • Skills to control the domination of aggressive members and encourage participation of passive members
  • A platform style that allows new ideas to evolve in a group process, instead of just being shot down
  • A decision making model that appropriately integrates all members’ opinions
  • An agenda that shortens meetings while getting more accomplished

Dr. Brinkman’s compelling safety tactics for leadership include:

  • Using your entire body as a communication device when working in noisy or chaotic environments.
  • Using ‘blending’ to get past people's resistance to "having heard this already" that shut out the importance of safety protocols
  • The Power of Positive Projections in influencing individual and team behavior.
  • How to eliminate any nervousness you might have being in front of the group.
  • The hidden power in language: how to subtly but firmly move people in the direction of safety by the structure of your communication.
  • How to get rid of “it's always been that way” mentality.

This program is ideal as a half-day session/breakout or a full-day that precedes the actual meeting. Dr. Brinkman is also prepared to integrate these practices. Ideal audiences for this program include safety coordinators, supervisors, volunteers, and professionals.

“Your humor-laced, high-impact display of how work and attitude are tied together by communication is a real key to on and off the job fulfillment.”
Howard Schumacher, Occupational Safety & Health Manager, Department of Energy

"We have had a 3-hour weekly meeting for years. The first time we did your process we got it done in one hour and got more accomplished at a higher quality. Wow!“
Don Anselm, Integrated Scheduling, Boeing Aircraft & Missiles