In today’s business world where everybody points to their ‘customer service’ as a punch line, I wanted to really make a difference with our customers and our employees, ‘Love Thy Customer’ techniques allows us to do that.
— Mike Porter, Chief Operations Officer Auto Adventure


Create Delight…Prevent Dissatisfaction…Please Your Hardest-to-Please Customers

Published by McGraw-Hill

Published by McGraw-Hill


The first commandment, in today’s customer-driven marketplace, is to “Love Thy Customer!” Transcending mere “customer satisfaction” and shooting for customer delight, by fulfilling their needs and making them feel cared for, delivers a true loyal customer base every time.

Voted “Funniest Speaker of the Year” by Sales Forum, Dr. Rick takes the one-on-one game of customer service and reveals how to win-over customers no matter how they behave. With his trademark humor, he delivers communication skills guaranteed to bring back every customer, every time!

Dr. Rick has taught customer service to all industries including those that normally don't think they have customers like government agencies, hospitals, utilities and more.

Dr. Rick takes the one-on-one game of customer service and reveals how to win-over customers no matter how they behave. With his trademark humor, he delivers Conscious Communication skillsguaranteed to bring back every customer, every time!

These programs are available in all formats: keynotes, breakouts, half-day and full-day seminars.

This program is customized according to they types of Customers you have, how you interact with them (phone, face-to-face, email) and the types of people you have working for you. i.e.

We have a specific SOFT SKILLS FOR MILLENNIALS version of Love Thy Customer.

Video training program by Dr. Rick Brinkman

Video training program by Dr. Rick Brinkman

  • Specific strategies for calming customers’ anxieties, gaining trust & convincing them that you care about their happiness.
  • Maneuvers for heading off customer dissatisfaction.
  • Dealing with the emotional reactions of upset customers without becoming equally upset.
  • Making a customer happy and giving them what they want, even when there is no way you can give them what they want! (This is not a misprint.)
  • How to handle difficult customer behaviors like: attacks, tantrums, whining, negativity, know-it-alls and more.
  • How to make a Customer happy even when you can't give them what they want.
  • Maintaining a positive attitude in the face of difficult behaviors.
  • A specific strategy that turns a problem situation into a positive one, creating a more loyal happy customer than if things had gone right in the first place.

"Our staff loved the seminar! We were amazed by how you made the learning process enjoyable.  Our people are still talking about it! It touched our lives." 
Vince Nolletti, CEO, Buckner

"Our management and sales staff have given me nothing but positive feedback about your program.  Everyone told me they even gladly gave up their Saturday." 
Carl Hansen, Director of Corporate Development, Crystal Cream and Butter

“Our reps enjoyed your practical and energetic style. All our people are now on the same page with service.”
Maria Gomes Payless Drugs


Designed for leaders of customer service teams, this program provides the foundation for how to inspire your internal customers to deliver service excellence. Through key strategies, your team’s service vision will support an environment where everyone creates new ways to delight customers. Twenty years of Dr. Brinkman’s research has resulted in the discovery of 10 traits of all great service organizations.

Dr. Brinkman’s program ensures that everyone on your management team knows how to use these communication secrets to inspire and deliver great customer service with both the external and internal customer.

  • The 10 tips for the when and how to reward to create positive behavioral change
  • How to motivate people with different learning and behavioral styles
  • Using internal Customer service principles to affect the external Customer service.
  • The top ten motivators of people

Or combine it with one of Dr. Rick’s other powerful programs. Consider creating a special event by scheduling a book signing/Meet the Author following the program.