Watch and learn with Dr. Brinkman’s proven training videos for individual and staff development.

Conscious Communication® video training programs for individuals and staff development

Training videos give you the best of two worlds – content delivered in way that engages multiple senses (which improves your retention) … without the hassle and expense of traveling to a seminar. Dr. Rick Brinkman offers a variety of videos to show you how to apply his Conscious Communication® principles to a  range of situations, including dealing with difficult people and pleasing hard to please customers.

Training videos for individuals

Conscious Communication® Applied to Dealing with People You Can’t Stand Training Video Program for Individuals.
Discover the principles of Conscious Communication® -- how deliberately choosing your words, setting your intent, and delivering your message – can dramatically improve the results of any conversation. In this entertaining DVD, you’ll see live demonstrations of the top 10 problematic behaviors exhibited by the people in your life … from chronic complaining to bullying to know-it-alls. You’ll also see powerful demonstrations of how to employ the techniques that have been proven effective when dealing with these difficult people.

Dealing With Difficult People video on DVD
Take your understanding of how to deal with difficult people to a new level with this popular video training program. Drs. Brinkman & Kirschner, authors of the international best-selling book Dealing with People You Can’t Stand, employ their “Saturday Night Live'” teaching style to bring difficult people – and the methods you should use to deal with them – to life. Tune in to see exactly what you should do when you encounter difficult behaviors in the people around you.

Conscious Communication University Online Class


If you are interested in video then you should definitely check out the online class. It is 7 hours of entertaining video and interactive training. Everything that is on the Conscious Communication DVD is in the class times 3 with Professor McFly, who will take you to the north pole to observe Santa handling his whining head elf Pinky and many other characters and skits. Definitely check it out here.... 

Complete Training Kits for Staff Development

Conscious Communication® Do-it-Yourself Training Kit
8 hours of training to teach your employees how to deal with difficult people. Includes a professional-quality training DVD containing 2.5 hours of training presentations, a facilitators guide, and 10 participants’ kits. Each participant receives A 158-page workbook with both exercises, written assessments, and the perfect level of notes based on the video, a desk reference, and a copy of the international best-selling book, Dealing With People You Can't Stand, How to Bring Out the Best in People at Their Worst