Training Tools for Staff Development 

Solutions for In-House Staff Development Trainers

Don’t have the budget for live, customized training with Dr. Rick Brinkman? Gain access to his proven Conscious Communication® techniques with these convenient do-it-yourself staff development training programs.

Each kit includes a license for delivering Dr. Rick’s popular training programs on-site for your employees, as well as materials for your first staff development training seminar.

Conscious Communication® Manager’s Training Kit 
8 hours of training to teach your employees how to deal with difficult people. Includes a professional-quality training DVD containing 2.5 hours of training presentations, a facilitators guide, and 10 participants’ kits. Each participant receives a 158-page workbook with both exercises, written assessments, and the perfect level of notes based on the video, a desk reference, and a copy of the international best-selling book, Dealing With People You Can't Stand, How to Bring Out the Best in People at Their Worst.  Click here for details >>>

Conscious Communication® ONLINE TRAINING COURSE
7 hours of entertaining online video training by Dr. Rick Brinkman and his cast of characters.
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