It has been our pleasure at St. Elizabeth Medical Center to have Dr. Rick Brinkman speak to our employees four times in two years. His ability to adapt the subject material to the specific need of the audience was uncanny.
— St. Elizabeth Medical Center Bill Lohr staff Development Supervisor


Dr. Rick performs affordable, participatory programs for small groups, senior leadership teams and as part of on organizations's yearly leadership development programs. The programs are customized around your learning objectives and phone interviews with a number of people who will be in the program to understand their specific communication situations and challenges.  

Dr. Rick will teach your small group how to use Conscious Communication to solve whatever your team is facing, e.g., conflict, employee management, intra-group cooperation, team building, change, customer relations, etc.)

Flexible. It's not just about communication. Apply it to your training objectives.

Participatory. Workbooks, exercises, role playing (if desired).

Affordable. New, competitive fee schedule specifically for groups of 20 people or less.

Customized. Based on your learning objectives and interviews. 

“Thank you for the excellent presentation you gave our law firm.  You were terrific, the information was useful, and you, in large part, were responsible for the overall success of our firm retreat.  People are still talking about you and using your vocabulary (sniper, tank, etc).  It is good to have a common language to share and an understanding of how we can improve our communication.”
Lisa Kaner, Attorney and Partner

Available in this live training format is:

  • Conscious Communication: How to Bring Out the Best in People

  • Love Thy Customer

  • Meeting Jet, How to Meet Less and Do More

  • Mastering Priorities

  • Or whatever customized program meets your objectives.

Email to set up a time to discuss your training objectives.

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