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These audios are full of “ah hah: moments. This guy is worth listening to!
— Rocketdyne Tim Violette Director

Conscious Communication®: Bringing Out the Best in People at Their Worst

This Audio Training Program Will Help You Master the Art of Dealing with Difficult People

Available on 4-CDs or Download

Leading communications expert Dr. Rick Brinkman rocked the world in 1994 when he and his co-author Dr. Rick Kirschner, published Dealing with People You Can’t Stand: Bringing Out the Best in People at Their Worst. Finally, people who were frustrated by the challenge of dealing with difficult people had clear goals and proven strategies for transforming negative relationships into positive ones.

This exciting 4-CD audio program takes you on a deeper exploration of the concepts and techniques delivered in the international best-selling book. Digitally recorded at a full day, live seminar taught by Dr. Brinkman, this popular audio program gives you front row seat to his high-energy, entertaining teachings about:

  • The Lens of Understanding: a revolutionary model for understanding what drives the problematic behavior of difficult people. Use this powerful visual reference to instantly shift yourself and open the door to the potential of a better relationship
  • The primary goal and specific strategies to take when dealing with the top 10 difficult people: Tank Attacks, Snipers, Grenades (tantrums), Know it alls, Thinkthey- know-it-alls. Negativity, Whining, Yes, Maybe, and Nothing people.
  • Essential skills for turning conflict into cooperation

Known for his award-winning style of Educating through Entertainment, Dr. Brinkman uses stand-up comedy and story telling to keep you engaged and focused. You’ll laugh and enjoy the training – and best of all, you’ll easily remember and recall the skills you need to produce real-world results.

How You’ll Benefit:

  • Increase your peace and confidence by seeing difficult people as what they truly are – good people exhibiting bad behavior
  • Turn your downtime into learning time. Improve your communication and conflict-resolution skills in the car, at the gym, or wherever it is most convenient to you
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the proven techniques for dealing with difficult people that you learned in the international best-selling book, Dealing with People You Can’t Stand: How to Bring Out the Best in People at Their Worst.
  • Enjoy greater confidence and peace of mind know that you can deal with any difficult person who shows up in your life


Conscious Communication®: Bringing Out the Best in People at Your Worst is based on a popular full-day training program offered by Dr. Rick Brinkman. One of today’s leading experts in effective communications, Dr. Rick has reached millions of people worldwide with his popular books, videos, speeches and seminars, teaching them how to his use innovative and highly effective Conscious Communication ® strategies to deal with difficult people and create more harmonious, productive relationships. Click here to read more about Dr. Rick.

Conscious Communication® Bringing Out the Best in People at Their Worst

On 4 Audio CDs only $49
Brinkman, 4 CDs, 4.5 hour seminar

Conscious Communication® Bringing Out the Best in People at Their Worst

Download and save, only $29!
Format: MP4, 4.5 hour seminar