BULK Discounts for Staff Development Training

Increase Training ROI and Get Everyone on the Same Page

If you are on this page, then you know the value of  investing in your people with training. H

Research shows that without repetition and reinforcement, we retain only a tiny fraction of what we learn. By providing each employee with a set of  training tools, you’ll give them the support they need to continue reinforcing and retaining their new skills and knowledge. And by having them all do it together they reinforce bringing out the best in each other.

Everyone learns differently. Some learn better by reading, others by listening, and still others by watching. The biggest and longest-lasting results are when students are exposed to content in a variety of modalities. That’s why we made training packages which include audios for repeated listening and aural absorption, books and/or workbooks for comprehensive information and chapter study, and a handy desk reference that contains the main points of Conscious Communication® and how to deal with difficult behaviors.

All our products are available for bulk purchase at deeply discounted prices.

Please call 503-635-4145 or email us with order requests. Tell us:

  1. What product(s) you are interested in
  2. How many
  3. And give us a zip code so we can give you a shipping estimate.

** FEDERAL GOVERNMENT CUSTOMERS: All our products are on the GSA schedule.