In today’s business world where everybody points to their ‘customer service’ as a punch line, I wanted to really make a difference with our customers and our employees, ‘Love Thy Customer’ techniques allows us to do that.
— Mike Porter, Chief Operations Officer Auto Adventure


Improving Communication, Teamwork, Service and Leadership

Millennials and young service professionals are usually well-equipped with tech-savvy skills but often lack the basic communication skills needed to work effectively with customers, interact cohesively with teams, and use diplomacy when asserting themselves in the work environment.

Conscious Communication® is based on the belief that good soft skills are the foundation of relationships and the lifeblood of effective service, teamwork and organizational performance.

This program teaches team members how to:

  • Pay attention to the cause-and-effect relationship between how they communicate and the reactions they get from customers and team members
  • Effectively calm irate customers, improve listening skills, & immediately gain trust
  • Quickly move customers out of the ‘ten problem behaviors’ if they exhibit them
  • Understand how to communicate bad news in a way people can receive
  • Apply conscious communication strategies to email, meetings and conference calls
  • Master the soft skills that lead to job promotion
  • Approach a supervisor for coaching and mentoring
  • Process feedback and apply it positively to work performance

This program can be customized for call centers, government entities, small business owners and service professionals.  It is available in a 90-minute keynote, half-day program or full day format and delivers practical, long-lasting results. 

“Thank you so much for today, the team has been buzzing all afternoon and employing things they've learnt straight away.  I've been hearing all sorts of talk about tanks and grenades this afternoon!  Additionally, and this is one of the most important thing, I'm seeing people take ownership for difficult communications, reflecting on how they can handle things better and again, self-evaluating, sharing experiences with colleagues and employing their lessons immediately.  Thank you so much and when you return to London, we'd welcome connecting with you again.” 


Communication Skills for New Managers

Millennials are now moving into management positions, where interpersonal soft skills are crucial in order for them to effectively supervise and lead teams of their own. New managers moving up from former front-line positions often require entirely new skill sets in order to effectively motivate teams, manage workloads, headship group meetings and evaluate and interact effectively with those they are supervising in their new roles. 

This program is designed to teach new managers how to:

  • Diplomatically evaluate and communicate job performance
  • Quickly get others ‘on board’ with new team initiatives
  • Help team members with different personality types to work harmoniously together
  • Implement effective time management tools for heavy workloads
  • Promote team engagement and troubleshoot problem areas in the workplace
  • Neutralize group behaviors like whining, negativity and sniping and prevent them from occurring
  • Avoid the stress response from team members when introducing change
  • Utilize essential listening skills prior to responding in heated situations
  • Develop effective speaking techniques for meetings and public events
  • Utilize Conscious Communication® to structure meetings for maximum participation and focus
  • Run meetings so that everyone contributes and maintains a focus on outcomes.
  • Know how to motivate people differently according to their personality style.

This program is available in a 90-minute keynote, half-day program or full day format and is customized to client industry and audience size.  Dr. Rick also has a meeting management program for new supervisors that can expand the scope of this program.

Dr. Rick Brinkman you rock. That was a very enjoyable and beneficial training course, highly recommended for anyone. Our people loved your humor and enthusiasm and we look forward to having you back.“

"You were terrific, sensational, dramatic, funny, entertaining, thought provoking, educational, spectacular and the hit of the program. Our people loved you and as a meeting planner I loved that.“