We have had a 3 hour weekly meeting for years. The first time we did your process we got it done in one hour and got more accomplished at a higher quality. Wow.
— Boeing Aircraft & Missiles, Done Anselm, Integrated Scheduling


Accomplish More-In Less Time-And Enjoy It!

Published by McGraw-Hill 2017

Published by McGraw-Hill 2017

There is a great mystery that cries out to be solved: why are most meetings unproductive and what can we do to change them? According to a Wall St. Journal survey, 98% of people agreed that 50% of their time in business meetings is wasted. Over the last twenty years, Dr. Brinkman has developed and trained organizations how to have great meetings that are shorter, more effective and more enjoyable!


Designed for leaders, trainers and supervisors, this program teaches how to properly facilitate a productive meeting platform that not only puts an end to wasted time, but directs and engages team members to create a positive discussion environment where everyone works together for the greater good.  Dr. Rick is also available to facilitate important board meetings and high-level brainstorming sessions using the effective principles taught from his latest book, Dealing with Meetings You Can’t Stand.

This program teaches leaders:

  • How to apply the Meeting Jet process for both in-person and virtual meetings
  • Communication techniques that bypass conflict and create an environment where all members listen and are heard
  • Skills to control participation of the domination of aggressive members and encourage participation of passive members
  • A strategy that allows new ideas to evolve in a group process, instead of just being shot down
  • A decision making model that appropriately integrates all members’ opinions
  • The art of the effective agenda that shortens meetings while getting more accomplished
  • A simple method to maintain the groups focus and avoid all tangents
  • How to get meetings to actually start on time and end on time!

This program is ideal as a half-day session/breakout or a full-day that precedes the actual meeting. Dr. Brinkman is also prepared to integrate these practices into your meeting as an additional service offering. Meeting members receive free course materials and can purchase the Dealing with Meetings book and other tools to help them apply what they’ve learned in their meetings.

"We have had a 3-hour weekly meeting for years. The first time we did your process we got it done in one hour and got more accomplished at a higher quality. Wow."
Don Anselm, Integrated Scheduling, Boeing Aircraft & Missiles


Want to learn the process? Have it done for you!

Dr. Brinkman will work with you to prepare the agenda and then come to your board meeting and run it using the meeting process as a way of you learning to do it yourself. You will still get all your normal business done using his process. It will only require an additional 30 minutes on your agenda. 

Dr. Rick has served on association boards for over 15 years including President of two of them and has helped countless boards learn his meeting process.  And it only takes one meeting which will change your meetings forever. 

Here's what 

“This meeting process allows all to be heard and allows disagree- ment in a constructive way, keeping the personal issues out. We got more done in less time, and with everybody’s input.”
Michael Lang Physician and Association President 

“Our meetings went from the simmering prelude to WWIII to part of the solution for world peace after one session of Dr. Brinkman’s meeting training.”
Laura Shelton, Association President

"Rick’s Meeting Jet process brings a clarity and understanding to the process of group interaction which allows all participants to optimally function in their role for the benefit of the organization and themselves.  I would strongly recommend him to any group wishing to take their meetings to a higher level."
Tom Kruzel, President, National Association

"Dr. Brinkman’s Meeting Jet process offered us some very usable tools that put our monthly meetings on a whole different path.  Where there was once disarray and animosity there is now respect and a process. Knowing good meetings skills benefits me both personally and professionally."
Joe Wessels, Board member

“I want to share with you the enthusiasm our executive officers have expressed to me since we incorporated what we learned from your Meeting Jet program. When I first experienced your program I was President of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. The AANP used Meeting Magic to organize our efforts after a major transition left that group in need of easy, functional structure.

Now I am Executive Director of our state association, the MANP, and your seminar lives on in the elegance with which we get our work done, inclusively and collaboratively. Thank you for making it both effective and fun to work together in a meaningful way.”

Many associations have Dr. Rick do a keynote at a national event when they also have their board meeting and save money.