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Master the Art of Dealing with Difficult People

Get All the Tools You Need to Become a More Powerful Communicator with the Conscious Communication® Mastery Package

Tired of difficult people dragging you down and affecting your performance? Master the skills that will put you back in control.

The Conscious Communication® Mastery Package With Video gives you all the resources you need for effectively managing and dealing with difficult people, including:

  • DVD VIDEO: Dr. Rick live seminar on Conscious Communication® Applied to Dealing with People You Can’t Stand Training . In this entertaining DVD, you’ll see live demonstrations of the top 10 problematic behaviors exhibited by the people in your life … from chronic complaining to bullying to know-it-alls. You’ll also see powerful demonstrations of how to employ the techniques that have been proven effective when dealing with these difficult people.
  • ULTIMATE DESK REFERENCE. Conscious Communication Dealing with People. Ever find yourself at a loss trying to remember the right way to deal with the difficult people in your life? This handy guide summarizes the 10 most problematic behaviors exhibited by “difficult” people – as well as the specific strategies you should use to defuse each. You’ll get two concise pages addressing each behavior. Packaged to stand up on your desk for quick reference (also can be folded flat).
  • BOOK: Dealing with People You Can’t Stand: How to Bring Out the Best in People at Their Worst. An international bestseller published in 24 languages, this classic book delivers a detailed look at the proven strategies and easy-to-use action steps to cope with the difficult people in your life.


Dr. Rick Brinkman, one of today’s leading experts in effective communications. Through his popular books, videos, speeches and seminars, he has taught millions of peopl worldwide how to his use innovative and highly effective Conscious Communication ® strategies to deal with difficult people and create more harmonious, productive relationships. The desk reference was developed in response to requests from Dr. Rick’s corporate clients and seminar attendees, who wanted a quick-and-easy way to jog their memory about the powerful strategies taught during his classes.



Conscious Communication Mastery Package with Video


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