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Improve Customer Service … Even With Difficult People

The Customer Service Mastery Package Gives Your Team the Resource to Delight Even the Most Challenging Customers

Customer service is one of the most important jobs within an organization. But without the right mindset and skillset, it’s also one of the most aggravating and difficult to do.

This powerful package delivers the tools you need to get your whole team on the same page:

Love Thy Customer: Creating Delight, Preventing Dissatisfaction, and Pleasing Your Hardest-to-Please Customers paperback book. Shift the way you approach customer service. By viewing the process from the Customer's point of view, you’ll discover how their subtle actions and words can make all the difference between great service and ho-hum service. You’ll learn the extra steps needed to please and recover angry or upset customers.

Telecare audio program. An engaging, high-energy program, this audio program lets you polish your customer service skills during your downtime. Listen on your way to work so you walk in the door ready to delight the most challenging customers.

Telecare is not your father's training audio! It is performed in the entertaining Drs. Brinkman & Kirschner style using skits and actors to illustrate the skills. When people enjoy the training, it causes them to remember!

    • How to identify and avoid the '7 Sins of Customer Service'
    • The Multiple Roles Of A Telecare Provider: Host, Detective, Healer, Teacher, Advocate
    • 6 ways to adjust your attitude and regain your perspective
    • Specific ways to deal with English as second language and cultural differences
    • How to put people on hold with irritating them
    • Magic words you can use to calm hotheads
    • The 8-Step Path To Successful Phone Sales
    • Inspiring Superior Performance From Your Team

Dealing with People You Can’t Stand: The Ultimate Desk Reference. Ever find yourself at a loss trying to remember the right way to deal with the difficult people in your life? Dealing with People You Can’t Stand: The Ultimate Desk Reference summarizes the 10 most problematic behaviors exhibited by “difficult” people – as well as the specific strategies you should use to defuse each. You’ll get two concise pages addressing each behavior – ideal to have at your fingertips when fielding calls from unhappy customers.




Dr. Rick Brinkman is one of today’s leading experts in effective communications. Through his popular books, videos, speeches and seminars, he has taught millions of people worldwide how to his use innovative and highly effective Conscious Communication ® strategies to deal with difficult people and create more harmonious, productive relationships – at work and at home.

An award-winning speaker and trainer, Dr. Rick was one of only 15 people selected by the Tom Peters Group in 1988 to deliver In Search of Excellence & Thriving on Chaos seminars. Clients have included the astronauts at NASA, LucasFilm, Sony Pictures, IBM, Texas Instruments, the Federal Reserve Bank, the Army, Navy, IRS, Merck, Sanofi-Aventis, Loma Linda University Medical Center, Wells Fargo, Young Presidents Organization (YPO) and many others.



Customer Service Package


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