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I just got an email from Goto Meeting stating it just gave users the ability to have 25 webcams on during a meeting. 

I can't emphasize enough what requiring WEBCAMS ON accomplishes. 

 #1 Accountability to stay focused. No multi-tasking! Yes, you heard me. 

Consider this, if I participant thinks the meeting or topic isn't significant enough that they must multi-task, then the organizer must ask 3 questions:

  • What is the purpose of this meeting? Is its purpose worth stopping people from doing all the other important things they must do?
  • Is this agenda item relevant to all participants? Every agenda item must matter to EVERY PERSON. If not, then organize the agenda so you can free people into the wild when the agenda switches to items that don't include them.
  • Has the purpose of this agenda item been clearly articulated? Each agenda item should have a statement of purpose in two sentences or less that let's each person know why it's important they are there. In addition there should be a statement of "Focus" that let's each person know how they should orient themselves and what is needed from them in relation to the agenda item.


"Webcams on" creates a FEELING OF CONNECTION, being a team. 

55% of the meaning in a communication is based on what we see
38% on how it sounds
07% on what is said.

Seeing people paying attention to what you say, nodding in agreement or even rolling their eyes communicates so much more. 

As GoTo Meeting said in their blog:

"Turning on webcams creates that human connection to help with everything from getting to know your team to more efficient sales conversions. 

25 video feeds allow users to feel like their meetings are more like a conference room where you can see all participants. Team leads with remote workers are able to view their entire teams at once, multiple remote locations meeting in conference rooms can be more interactive, even board meetings can be handled with a GoToMeeting vs in a conference room."

To be clear, this is not an ad for GoTo Meeting. Whatever system you use, I urge you to try WEBCAMS ON REQUIRED.

All my best wishes for AWESOME Meetings. ;-)

Dr. Rick

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