Steve Jobs said, "Focus is about saying 'no' to 1000 things. I am as proud of the things we have said 'no' to as those we have said 'yes'". Here is a great article on "no".

Have you ever come back to work after a holiday with firm intentions that this time you will manage your commitments better? Yet, a few weeks back at work and that resolution seems a distant dream.

It seems that nearly everyone wrestles with this issue and none more than the people who like to be busy, involved and contributory in their daily activities - and I include myself in that group.

It was useful to remind myself the other day about the first of the 8 Top Time Tips on the back of my business card. (Almost every attendee of a conference or workshop gets one):

The No. 1 Tip: 'No is your most powerful time management tool.' .... read more here