It's been a while since I posted. Actually it's been since I left for New York City to create my father's memorials and handle the crime scene of his apartment. There were quite a few adventures there I would have liked to share with you, but I was over my head with details.  We created three memorials for him, one at the commercial office building he managed, one that was private for about 60 friends and one that was open for the public which was attended by a similar amount of people including the New York Times. The reporter ironically was a recent transplant from Portland, Oregon and the Oregonian newspaper, (the place I live). Here is a link to the online version.

Here is the video memorial:

Quicktime version: The Felix Brinkmann Story (16 min) AVI version: The Felix Brinkmann Story (16 min)

I got into my father's apartment Saturday afternoon, the day of the private memorial. What a mess, not just made by the crooks but made by the police. There was finger print dust EVERY WHERE!!! White dust on black stuff, black dust on white stuff and it doesn't just wipe off. I figured I would tackle that job Monday, as Saturday and Sunday I needed to focus on the memorials. However while I did that, my friend Greg who flew out from Columbus, Ohio to help (and is pictured at the bar in the Times article) single handedly tackled the apartment. When it was time to start Monday, he already had the bulk of it done. With friends like that you can't feel alone.  :-)