MannequinsI spent this last summer in NYC taking care of my father after his four week hospitalization. To prevent him from driving, I would take him to work. Yes at 90 he works. He loves work. Work is who he is. Work is how he survived three concentration camps. He is an organizer. Even in the ghetto he went from a lowly laborer to the head of a factory in just a few months.  He came to this country with nothing and eventually opened up one of the biggest nightclubs in NYC that was right at the center of the disco craze in the early 70's. Now for fun, he manages a commercial office building with 7 retail stores on the ground floor and three more floors of offices for his former partner in the disco business. 

After dropping him off in the Bronx I would drive to one of the few Starbucks locations nearby. Along the way I passed these mannequins. I thought they would make for interesting pictures so I brought my camera the next day. Unfortunately the mannequins were gone. The following day they were still not to be seen. However, persistence and an addiction to Starbucks paid off in the end and there they were, lined up again. 

I found them very thought provoking, which is why I decided to share them with you. 

I thought of generalizations.

I thought of women chained to the world of fashion. Chained to body image types. (see the picture of chains on their legs)

I wondered what mannequins would be lining up to see? Maybe the latest fashions they'll be wearing this year?

Or perhaps they were on line to attend a seminar on how to double your income by just standing there. 

I would love to hear what thoughts they evoke for you. Take a look at the pictures and please come back here to comment.