Your humor-laced hight impact display of how work and attitude are tied together by communication and organization skills, is a real key to on-and-off the job fulfillment.
— Dept. of Energy, Howard Schumacher, OSHA Manager


Conscious Communication to Inspire Safety

You know the importance of safety, but how do you and your safety personnel communicate that to those on the front line who come face to face with safety issues everyday? Dr. Brinkman will show you how to communicate in a way that makes your safety message stick. With his entertaining, stand-up comedy style, Dr. Brinkman demonstrates compelling communication. People in the audience are amazed by the level of communication power they are capable of, and Dr. Brinkman helps them apply it to influencing safety.

Dr. Brinkman’s compelling safety tactics include:

  • Anchors are associations - like the song you hear that takes you back. How to purposely make anchors to safety.
  • Using your entire body as a communication device.
  • How to utilize blending to get past people's resistance to "having heard this already"
  • The Power of Positive Projections in influencing people's behavior.
  • How to eliminate any nervousness you might have being in front of the group.
  • The hidden power in language: how to subtly but firmly move people in the direction of safety by the structure of your communication.
  • How to get rid of “it's always been that way” mentality.

This program is aimed at safety coordinators, supervisors, volunteers, and professionals. A powerful, entertaining program, audiences love the keynote version combined with a break out. Equally popular is the full day training for entire teams, departments and organizations.

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