For those of you who may not know my professional training is as a naturopathic physician. A licensed naturopath goes to a 4 year medical school, is trained in all the same science and diagnostics as an MD but when it’s time to get therapeutic instead of spending as much time on pharmacology and surgery you are required to take 4 years of clinical nutrition, psychology and counseling so you can influence people to make changes that are good for them, Chinese medicine, botanical medicine and through it all a holistic philosophy to approach disease as a process, determine the cause, and make appropriate changes that move you to optimal health. As a naturopathic physician, I practiced mind/body medicine. I studied communication to be more effective as a counselor. What I soon discovered was that when I taught my patients those same communication skills empowering them to handle their relationship issues, suddenly their physical diseases would go away. Serious diseases like arthritis, cancer, herpes and many more. I also found when I helped people clarify their values, set goals, and be on track with what was important to them in life, many cases of depression and low energy syndrome or vague symptoms for which no physician could find a cause would literally clear up over night.  Before I knew it I wasn’t only in private practice but also in public practice performing seminars for people in corporations, government organizations, and associations to support their success and well being through good communication. The mission of this blog is…(read more)