In today’s business world where everybody points to their ‘customer service’ as a punch line, I wanted to really make a difference with our customers and our employees, ‘Love Thy Customer’ techniques allows us to do that.
— Mike Porter, Chief Operations Officer Auto Adventure


Create Delight…Prevent Dissatisfaction…Please Your Hardest-to-Please Customers

The first commandment, in today’s customer-driven marketplace, is to “Love Thy Customer!” Transcending mere “customer satisfaction” and shooting for customer delight, by fulfilling their needs and making them feel cared for, delivers a true loyal customer base every time.

Voted “Funniest Speaker of the Year” by Sales Forum, Dr. Rick takes the one-on-one game of customer service and reveals how to win-over customers no matter how they behave. With his trademark humor, he delivers communication skills (he calls “Conscious Communication™”) guaranteed to bring back every customer, every time!

  • “LOVE THY CUSTOMER” delivers:

  • Specific strategies for calming customers’ anxieties, gaining trust & convincing them that you care about their happiness
  • Maneuvers for heading off customer dissatisfaction
  • Dealing with the emotional reactions of upset customers without becoming equally upset
  • Making a customer happy and giving them what they want, even when there is no way you can give them what they want! (This is not a misprint.)

This program is available in a one-hour keynote, half-day or full day session. Or combine it with one of Dr. Rick’s other powerful programs. Consider creating a special event by scheduling a book signing/Meet the Author following the program.

*This program is based on Dr. Rick’s book, Love Thy Customer (Brinkman & Kirschner, McGraw-Hill)

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