In today’s business world where everybody points to their ‘customer service’ as a punch line, I wanted to really make a difference with our customers and our employees, ‘Love Thy Customer’ techniques allows us to do that.
— Mike Porter, Chief Operations Officer Auto Adventure


With all the changes in healthcare, communication with patients and cooperation within staff is more mission critical than ever. Dr. Rick is a doctor who understands healthcare from the inside and is a communication and service expert with 6 McGraw-Hill books and translations in 25 languages. His communication/service message resonates across all cultures and healthcare clients.

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Dr. Rick About Conscious Communication for Healthcare

Conscious Communication for the Patient Experience

Creating Memorable Service Experiences and Turning Difficult People into Fans

Conscious Communication® is about taking responsibility for your effect on others. By utilizing the tools of Conscious Communication®, the fully-equipped healthcare professional knows the result/goal he/she wants in each interaction be it external or internal customers.  And a Conscious Communicator has the skills and knows the strategies to create a great patient experience. 

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  • A Conscious Communicator pays attention to what the people really need both tangibly and emotionally and the Conscious Communicator knows what actions, tone and words will deliver the results they are intending.
  • A Conscious Communicator is also sensitive to timing, making sure people feel completely heard and empathized with -- before moving to solutions.
  • A Conscious Communicator is aware of the statistics that an upset client is an opportunity to create a more loyal happy one than you could've had if you had done it right the first time. The key is to have them first, feel like you care about them and second, to exceed their service expectations in what you do about it.
  • A Conscious Communicator looks at each interaction with people like going to the gym, with an opportunity to get stronger and further develop their communication muscles/skills.
  • Conscious Communication® is based on the belief that good communication skills are the foundation and life force behind all great customer relationships.  Communication is like a phone number, you need all the digits and you need them in the right order to get through.  There are strategies (phone numbers) that will work in communication.  For example, when responding to an upset patients, there is a sure-fire strategy that either will make them the feel defensive and close-minded, or open-minded with a willingness to work with you to resolve the problem.


Actual content of your program will be determined greatly by phone interviews with some representatives of the your group to determine their specific needs, situations and communication challenges they face.


"You were...terrific, sensational, dramatic, funny, entertaining, thought provoking, educational, spectacular, and the hit of the program.  Our people loved you!"  Michelle Morgan, Executive Director, Leisure Tours