Life by Design

Is your life as fulfilling as you envisioned it would be? Or do you feel the tug of discontent...or the sense that joy is being sapped away be looming difficulties and everyday stress? You’re not alone. Chance, chaos and adversity are constant forces in everyone’s life. But amidst the inevitable challenges, you have power to make choices. And by making wise choices, you have the power to change your life. Life By Design will guide you to new attitudes and habits that give you more energy, richer relationships and a better quality of life.

Complete with personal stories, real-life examples, and revealing exercises, Life By Design helps you:

  • Clarify your values and build your
    life around them.
  • Set specific, attainable goals and align
    your actions with them.
  • Neutralize negativity and self-defeating behavior.
  • Build lasting relationships that support a
    life by design.

Life by Design

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Kirschner & Brinkman, , McGraw-Hill, Softcover, 200 pages

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