Dealing With People You Can’t Stand

How to Bring Out the Best in People at their Worst

The THIRD EDITION- Now Updated for a New Generation of Bothersome Behaviors including: Meddlers, Martyrs and Judges!!

Snipers and Whiners and Tanks, Oh my!!!

Why do people act like they do? You have the power to bring out the best in people if you know the strategy.

The book has clear goals and specific strategies to use with Tank Attacks, Snipers, Grenades (tantrums), Know it alls, Think-they-know-it-alls, Negativity, Whining, Yes, Maybe, and Nothing people.

This book is an international bestseller with translations in 17 languages.

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Brinkman & Kirschner, McGraw-Hill, Softcover, 283 pages

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