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MacMillan Publishes Audiobook of "Dealing with People You Can't Stand"

Dr. Rick in the studio The Doctors Rick were in Blackstone Studios (Ashland, OR) this summer, recording the audiobook version of their international best selling book (20 languages), Dealing with People You Can't Stand, How to Bring Out the Best in People at Their Worst.

It will be available on iTunes,, and this fall and in stores by the end of the year.



The Secrets of the Sexes

What makes a relationship last?Why are certain people attracted to each other? Are men and women's brains wired differently?

A BBC One series delves into our minds to find out how we think and fall in love. The results of the BBC sex survey of 500,000 people from around the globe - the largest ever carried out - provide very revealing answers. The show is in three parts, (about 50 minutes each). They explore "attraction" and "love". What makes us attracted to each other and why do some couples stay together while others part?  A team of scientists orchestrate a unique speed date with a hundred singletons to test their theories - with unexpected results. The scientists analyze the speed-daters bodies, faces, and psychological and social profiles to find out what the key predictors of sexual chemistry really are.

In terms of staying together, Lyn and Alan have bickered for 21 years and are contemplating divorce. Hayley and Jay have been married for seven years, but Jay's recent affair has put their marriage under intolerable pressure. Along with starry-eyed newly weds, Steve and Donna, the scientists put the couples through a battery of experiments to see what's going wrong and what's right.

I thought it was well done, entertaining, and very interesting. It's produced by the BBC so just by virtue of the narrator's accent it sounds ;-) really intelligent. ;-)

If you can catch it on PBS or rent it it I think it will be worthwhile. When I started this blog I didn't even consider giving recommendations, but in the interest of supporting you in your overall well being and personal development I decided to make this post. Enjoy.