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Dealing With Difficult People
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Learn the Art of Dealing with Difficult People While on the Go

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Difficult people are everywhere. And now you can make sure that you’re prepared to deal with them … regardless of where they pop up.

This is the Doctors Rick at their finest playing all the characters to illustrate the behaviors and strategies. Rollie & Woodchuck, Santa & Pinky, the Beatles and much more. It was Columbia House’s all time best selling tape. Now on CDs with a convenient download link.


• How difficult people think and why they act the way they do

• How to proactively pave the way to turn conflict into cooperation

• How to accurately diagnose the dynamics in difficult relationships and conversations … so you can easily adapt your communication

How You’ll Benefit:

• Get more done in less time. Audios let you turn downtime – like commuting, working out and even doing the dishes – into learning time. So you can improve your skills without giving up personal time.

• Reinforce your learning. The more ways you take in information, the more content you absorb and retain. This new version of the international bestselling book puts the power of audio learning in your hands.

• Easily review key sections. Each chapter is conveniently split into multiple sections, so you can easily review key sections without having to search.

Dealing With Difficult People Audio CDs with Shipping Included and immediate access to Download links


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