Conscious Communication to Deal with Difficult People and Bring out the Best in Others

performed for 1600 Medical Directors (AMDA)

SUMMARY: Why do people act the way they do? Why does one person withdraw, while another attacks and someone else just snipes behind your back. The Lens of Understanding behavior is the key to unlocking strategies that can end whining, negativity, attacks, tantrums, sniping, passive aggressiveness and more!

Download this PDF of the Lens of Understanding that is being talked about, projected to the attendees, but is not shown in the video.

We explore how we make meaning of communication giving 55% to what we see, 38% to how it sounds and only 7% to the actual words.

We also explore why there is so much misundestanding and misuse of email and how to avoid it.

where we explore how to avoid email misunderstandings and learn the strategy to neutralize Whining & Negativity in individuals and teams.

Also an attitude adjustment of my mothers, an Auschwitz survivor's heroic escape from a death march, then going back to let her sisters know of the opportunity and then escaping again.

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